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Thread: FCOE - getting started

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    FCOE - getting started

    i am trying to configure FCOE on my LTS 12.04 system running on a dell M910 blade that has the Broadcom 57810 converged adapter

    when i run the sudo fcoeadm -c eth4, i get the error message Failed to open /sys/module/fcoe/parameters/create

    the create folder does not exist

    what am i missing ? this is the first step is doing the FCOE config

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    Re: FCOE - getting started

    I know nothing, zero, zip about fcoe. Zero! I do know about 1% about how modules loading, etc. works. As you have had no answer in several hours, I am going to take a guess. In order for there to be a /sys/modules/fcoe/anything to manipulate, the module fcoe has to first be loaded:
    sudo modprobe fcoe
    Then, I wonder if the command will then go better:
    sudo fcoeadm -c eth4
    You can automate all this in /etc/rc.local if you need to, I'd guess.

    Hey, that's my best shot!
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