Hi all,

This is my very first post! (irrelevant information, i know..).

I've been happily using Ubuntu 12.04LTS for quite a while now, and using Deja-Dup for backing up /home/justin to a USB drive. Over time Deja-Dup has created 1 or two additional full backup sets, and now my backup drive is getting full.

First question: what happens when the drive gets full? Will old backups be removed automatically to make way for the latest?

Secondly ... I'm aware that Deja-Dup is just a GUI for Duplicity. So, I've tried running the command duplicity remove-all-but-n-full 1 file:///media/backup. This seems to be very quickly filling up my /(root) partition, which is only 10Gb in size (/home is 2Tb total) ... and of course the operation fails. Thankfully the data written to /root seems to be deleted automatically when the command fails. Why is this happening? Can I change Duplicity config in some way to prevent his? I think this is going to cause issues for me when the backup drive gets full and the system will not be able to remove old backups automatically to make way for the latest and greatest.

Any help would be much appreciated!