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Thread: wifi Ralink 801.11 n driver not working

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    wifi Ralink 801.11 n driver not working

    I have installed ubuntu 10.04.2 on my HP mini
    Due to low frequency of the wifi, I had to connect an external device to access wifi internet on it.(only a specific wifi connection)
    I have black list the ralink by
    sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
    adding the line
    blacklist rt2800usb
    but now I dont find any networks using the external one. what can I do now to use the external one working on my HP mini?
    N.B. It works fine on Win7.(32bit)
    mine is UBUNTU 10.04.2 (32bit)
    Md. Shahadat Hossain
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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    Re: wifi Ralink 801.11 n driver not working

    Why did you install Ubuntu 10.04.2?

    It is no longer supported so any updates to that last iso will need to use the end-of-life repos, but there will be no further security updates after that.

    If you really did want 10.04, there was a Ubuntu 10.04.4 version just before it disappeared, but really you should be thinking of an upgrade to a newer version. If Unity will not run on that netbook try Xubuntu or Lubuntu instead.
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