Just got done a month ago building a 32-bit 12.04 system for my Mom and it seemed pretty bullet-proof (with the exception that the second hard drive used for back-ups is not too great-meant to replace in a month or two), but now the system is completely broken.

Always starts off with an error message about a system problem, Software Center won't launch, Several panes in System Settings won't open. If I attempt to click on one of the problem settings panes and attmpt to close it, the System Settings program keeps reopening and jumping to the front (have to restart to close it). Have run a package check in Recovery mode, but it cannot see anything is wrong and when booting from the live CD it says the system is 'Clean'. I am assuming this must be a corrupt preference file or possibly a permissions problem somewhere.

- Where should I begin? I would rather NOT just rebuild it, but instead find out what is actually wrong.
- What should I be looking for on the Log file?

Any Help VERY Much Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!