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Thread: Anyone run PenTesting OS as main OS?

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    Anyone run PenTesting OS as main OS?

    I downloaded the iso of Black Box Linux and made a Live USB of it. So far I like what I see even if I don't understand 99% of the Pen Testing side of things. It has a lot of other tools already installed that I like and seems to run pretty well on my old laptop. I only have a 60GB hard drive and really don't want to do a dual boot install, I'd rather just run one Op System to keep things simple. I just wonder if anyone else has ran a Penetration Testing Op System as their one and only op system on their computer?
    I really love Ubuntu 12.04 but dang, it'd tempting to do a full install of Black Box.
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    Re: Anyone run PenTesting OS as main OS?

    Discussions regarding penetration testing, wireless cracking, etc, are not allowed in the Forums. Even though I can take it on faith that your intentions are not nefarious, we do not want the Forums to become a resource for those whose intentions are.

    Although this is a question about the distro itself, this thread has the potential to devolve into a discussion about how to use the functionality.

    I suggest finding a forum dedicated to the use of the distro.

    Thread closed.
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