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Thread: 12.04 upgrade to 14.04 no release found

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    12.04 upgrade to 14.04 no release found

    I want to update my virtual ubuntu, currently it is a 12.04 and would like it to upgrade to 14.04, if I recall well ( it has been a while) I aldo upgraded it from 10.04.
    But now it says no release found, any idea how to fix this ?

    elias@elias-VirtualBox:~$ cat /etc/issue
    Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l

    elias@elias-VirtualBox:~$ sudo apt-get update
    Hit precise Release.gpg
    Hit precise Release                                   
    Hit precise/main Sources                              
    Hit precise/main i386 Packages
    Ign precise/main TranslationIndex
    Hit precise Release.gpg
    Hit precise-updates Release.gpg
    Hit precise-backports Release.gpg
    Hit precise-security Release.gpg
    Hit precise Release
    Hit precise-updates Release                       
    Hit precise-security Release                        
    Hit precise-backports Release                     
    Ign precise/main Translation-en_US                    
    Hit precise-security/main Sources         
    Ign precise/main Translation-en
    Hit precise/main Sources
    Hit precise/restricted Sources
    Hit precise/universe Sources
    Hit precise/multiverse Sources
    Hit precise/main i386 Packages
    Hit precise-security/restricted Sources
    Hit precise-security/universe Sources
    Hit precise-security/multiverse Sources
    Hit precise-security/main i386 Packages
    Hit precise-security/restricted i386 Packages
    Hit precise/restricted i386 Packages
    Hit precise/universe i386 Packages
    Hit precise/multiverse i386 Packages
    Hit precise/main TranslationIndex
    Hit precise/multiverse TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-security/universe i386 Packages
    Hit precise-security/multiverse i386 Packages
    Hit precise-security/main TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-security/multiverse TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-security/restricted TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-security/universe TranslationIndex
    Hit precise/restricted TranslationIndex
    Hit precise/universe TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-updates/main Sources
    Hit precise-updates/restricted Sources
    Hit precise-updates/universe Sources
    Hit precise-security/main Translation-en
    Hit precise-updates/multiverse Sources
    Hit precise-updates/main i386 Packages
    Hit precise-updates/restricted i386 Packages
    Hit precise-updates/universe i386 Packages
    Hit precise-updates/multiverse i386 Packages
    Hit precise-security/multiverse Translation-en
    Hit precise-security/restricted Translation-en
    Hit precise-updates/main TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-updates/multiverse TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-updates/restricted TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-updates/universe TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-backports/main Sources
    Hit precise-security/universe Translation-en
    Hit precise-backports/restricted Sources
    Hit precise-backports/universe Sources
    Hit precise-backports/multiverse Sources
    Hit precise-backports/main i386 Packages
    Hit precise-backports/restricted i386 Packages
    Hit precise-backports/universe i386 Packages
    Hit precise-backports/multiverse i386 Packages
    Hit precise-backports/main TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-backports/multiverse TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-backports/restricted TranslationIndex
    Hit precise-backports/universe TranslationIndex
    Hit precise/main Translation-en
    Hit precise/multiverse Translation-en
    Hit precise/restricted Translation-en
    Hit precise/universe Translation-en
    Hit precise-updates/main Translation-en
    Hit precise-updates/multiverse Translation-en
    Hit precise-updates/restricted Translation-en
    Hit precise-updates/universe Translation-en
    Hit precise-backports/main Translation-en
    Hit precise-backports/multiverse Translation-en
    Hit precise-backports/restricted Translation-en
    Hit precise-backports/universe Translation-en
    Reading package lists... Done
    elias@elias-VirtualBox:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree       
    Reading state information... Done
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    elias@elias-VirtualBox:~$ sudo do-release-upgrade
    Checking for a new Ubuntu release
    No new release found
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    Lightbulb Re: 12.04 upgrade to 14.04 no release found

    14.04 wont be released until april 2014 the current release is 13.04. if you want to upgrade to that you will have to upgrade to 12.10 then 13.04 or do a clean install to 13.04

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    Re: 12.04 upgrade to 14.04 no release found

    Hi byenary,

    14.04 LTS has not be released yet.
    The version numbers give a hint to their release date.

    14(2014).04(April). So 14.04 LTS will be released in April 2014.

    If you would like to upgrade to 12.10 there is a setting in the Software Updater you have to disable.

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    Re: 12.04 upgrade to 14.04 no release found

    As fas as I know you cannot upgrade to ubuntu 14.04 because it is not released then. You can upgrade to a development release (ubuntu+1) in the way pointed by this link:

    What you can upgrade to is 13.04

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    Re: 12.04 upgrade to 14.04 no release found

    Ah stupid me I just had a quick look at and jumped into conclusions... THX


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