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Thread: Disable Dash Previews

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    Angry Disable Dash Previews

    Ubuntu has a frightening history and ongoing trend toward adding more and MORE steps to what should be one-step operations. So is there any way to disable the Dash previews? It's ridiculous. I mean, new features are great. That's awesome. But there *has* to be some way to disable crap like this. And it's yet another "feature" that adds unnecessary steps to commonly used operations.

    I just upgraded from 12.10. It's funny, ever time I upgrade, I'm astonished by how fast and new and fresh things feel. But then there's inevitably some ill-thought-out "feature" that makes me just roll my eyes when it pops up.

    How long till every operation will be keyboard-only, but it only uses an on-screen keyboard? Or how long till this "wonderful" touch interface stops accepting tactile inputs at all?

    Any ideas? Options? Is there a way to remove this "functionality"?

    Yes, I'm ranting, but I'm also asking for an answer, so don't just move it to the "testimonials" section like last time.

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    Re: Disable Dash Previews

    It depends on what version of Ubuntu. Here's a discussion on the Smart-Scopes


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