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Thread: System Wide Proxy Settings

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    System Wide Proxy Settings

    Ubuntu 21.04 LTS (No Unity)

    I just upgraded to Firefox 22. I tried to log onto facebook and it says it cannot recognize my device. I go to IP For some reason I am seeing an IP address attached to a tor server.

    I go into the network settings and I see it set to use system wide proxy settings. I change it to none and get an IP that it should have. I switch to auto detect and same thing.

    So apparently my systerm wide settings are set to use tor and I can't remember ever doing that.

    I go into ubuntu system settings and network and it tells me the applet is incompatible.

    So... if I am on ubuntu 12.04 with no unity where so I go to take a look at exactly what my system wide proxy settings are and how can I change them.


    UPDATE: This seems to be a problem with Firefox 22. I reinstalled firefox 21 and do not have this problem. Firfox 22 seems to be using Tor of it's own free will to browse. I still want to know though how to check the system proxy settings. When I go thru the system settings panel alhought it says incompatible, It has no proxy settings (espsically) tor in there.
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