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Thread: Some questions about UCE

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    Some questions about UCE

    Hello UCE users I'm wondering if you can help me.

    I am considering switching from windows vista to UCE but first have some questions.

    1) Does it come with Java installed?
    2) I believe Ubuntu CE has a pornographic filter. Is this true, and if so how does it work?


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    Re: Some questions about UCE

    Yes, at least after the first update it has java running. Pretty much everything works out of the box.

    The pornographic filter you are asking about is called Dansguardian, it works together with clamav antivirus and a couple of other programs, so it`s not just a pornographic filter, but also protects against harmfull websites, and it does it very well to. I used to use windows to, and there no windows content filter that`s nowhere close to this. Although it might be very strickt sometimes, it is fully customizable and any exception can be made by editing the conf files.


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