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Thread: Question: Secure email with Evolution

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    Re: Question: Secure email with Evolution

    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzkriegz View Post
    Are your contacts using Windows or Ubuntu? Nontech = Windows to me. A simple way to encrypt information for unsophisticated contacts is with the Microsoft Office suite (2007 and newer). It uses AES-256 and is decent as long as you use a strong password that you don't email along with the encrypted document. You can use gmail for that. The contents of the email will be secured but who you're emailing will be discoverable.
    Very few of my current contacts have Microsoft Office, so this isn't really an option. Most end-users don't get MS-Office on their home PCs.

    Then there is the question as to whether anyone should propagate the use of $300-$500 proprietary software just to read email?

    Yesterday, I discovered a new TWiT show ... "Know How ..." They did an episode about setting up GPG with Thunderbird and Enigmail. Also showed a browser-only option using some plugin for Firefox and Chrome (don't know if Chromium works). I'm not a fan of browser plugins for gpg - seems like a deck of cards from a security standpoint. The demonstrators seemed a little less knowledgeable about security than I would have liked too. To the point that I'm not certain about the security of their installs. Anyway, it was an interesting show even if they left out gpg key signing and uploading our public keys to key servers completely.

    Again, sorry this isn't about Evolution.

    LATE UPDATE: explains installation for GPG, enigmail, thunderbird and keys.
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