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Thread: Need a book recommended for my friend

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    Question Need a book recommended for my friend

    Hey Guys,

    I have a friend who I wish to print off a book for. He is not very good with computers, and he does not know much about them, except basic software use, so I wish to help him by printing him off a decent book. Preferably, the book would contain and explain all aspects of beginner computing.

    Can anyone name me a book that fits that description? preferably in pdf format (preferred but not essential).

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Need a book recommended for my friend

    Moved this to the cafe so it gets more exposure.

    "All aspects of beginning computing" is a huge subject. Do you have anything more specific?
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    Re: Need a book recommended for my friend

    The only practical book on working with computers I've ever used is probably the "Linux Pocket Guide" from O'Reilly, which is available as a pdf for $8. It's a decent book, and short, but usually googling and reading man pages have been how I solved problems and learned. I got that book as a gift. There is a great essay called "In the Beginning was the Command Line" by Neal Stephenson, which you can find on Google. It doesn't go into specifics of how to use different programs but IMO it is a very nice introduction to the spirit of Linux and basically not being a n00b; furthermore it is a reasonably printable length I think. Along those lines, Eric S. Raymond wrote a cool article called "How to Become a Hacker". Again, it doesn't teach any specific commands or explain how to use particular programs but it is good at motivating one to explore computers more. Hope that helps!

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    Re: Need a book recommended for my friend

    A free magazine in PDF format, not all the articles are for beginners but worth a look.
    All the back issues are available.
    Your friend could even write an article on his/her progress


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