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Thread: Ubuntu software center

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    Re: Ubuntu software center

    Quote Originally Posted by maneatingbunny View Post
    I am trying to make a usb
    I don't seem to have a Startup Disk Creator.
    I have looked in application-accessories as well as the other tabs.
    I have read through
    Unfortunately that link was designed for newer Ubuntu versions so the images and instructions do not match your system.
    Have you looked in System > Administration menus?

    edit: okay nevermind...

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    Re: Ubuntu software center

    I finally made a USB stick ( super happy face )
    However, my computer won't boot from the usb.
    When I hit F12 nothing happens and my computer starts up like normal.

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    Re: Ubuntu software center

    Is F12 the correct key for boot menu? (it should say when you turn the computer on) Some machines it is F2, Esc, Del, etc.
    What is your computer make and model number, maybe one of us can help you find this info?

    If you can't get it working, tell us:
    How did you make the USB stick?
    Which version did you choose (12.04 or 13.04)?
    Is this your only computer or do you have another computer you can test if the USB boots?

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