I just made a bit of a serious mistake. I was installing a copy of Xubuntu 10.04 from the CD to a flash drive (sdb) plugged into my computer, and I did not unplug my internal hard drive (sda) first. Now, if I remove the flash drive while the computer is shut down, it refuses to boot from the internal drive when switched back on. Instead, it gives me a "no such device" error message followed by a string of numbers and requests a "grub rescue >" command. If I plug the flash drive back in and restart, it takes me to the typical Grub boot menu and I have to select my internal drive manually from there.

So, how do I remove Grub completely? Completely in the sense that my computer will automatically boot properly to the sda drive again, AND that the Grub menu will be removed so that I don't have to make a selection or go through that step. I really would like to avoid having to keep this flash drive plugged in all the time just so I can use my machine. I'm assuming it's not as simple as sudo apt-get remove grub.

I'd really appreciate some help in fixing this as soon as possible. Thanks.