I am unable to toggle wireless on/off, mute/unmute, play/pause using Front operation panel LED keys on my Toshiba Qosmio F60. Currently I need to enable WiFi/Bluetooth from Windows for it to work. Fn+F8 toggle works as soft block/unblock only if I have already enabled WiFi under Windows. Any ideas as how this can be done? I have tried Ubuntu 13.04 as well. The only LED Touch button that works under Ubuntu is the Volume Up/Down button. Touchpad on/off toggle does not work with physical button or Fn+F9 either.
dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/5659327/
dmidecode http://paste.ubuntu.com/5659339/
output when wireless disabled from within windows http://paste.ubuntu.com/5659346/
output when wireless enabled from within windows http://paste.ubuntu.com/5659348/