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Thread: DHCP server - Is a domain name required?

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    Question DHCP server - Is a domain name required?

    Hello, as the title says, when setting up a DHCP server is it required to specify a domain name?

    I'm planning to setup a DHCP server for a home network (for funsies), and I don't really have a domain name; although if I have to I could use home.local or something.
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    Re: DHCP server - Is a domain name required?

    I have always used .local for any local machines at home.

    While it isn't really required, it is a good thing to have if you set up a local DNS server.
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    Re: DHCP server - Is a domain name required?

    I agree that having a domain is helpful, but the answer to your original question is no. DHCP listens on the broadcast address for any packets that come by requesting an IP. You can distribute various DNS parameters in the reply, like the IP addresses for DNS servers, or the search domain list, but these are all optional. Here's my dhcpd.conf file:

    ddns-update-style interim;
    ignore client-updates;
    subnet netmask {
            option routers    ;
            option subnet-mask;
            option domain-name             "";
            option domain-name-servers,,;
            option time-offset              -18000; # Eastern Standard Time
            option ntp-servers    ;
            option netbios-name-servers;
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