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Thread: Which one is the latest 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab?

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    Which one is the latest 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab?

    Dear community,
    I'd like to get a 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, and I want to get the latest/current model. Amazon's #1 item in their Electronics/Computer section is

    Samsung's own website has this:

    I noticed some differences in the specs. For example, Samsung's page says Android 3.2 Honeycomb. Amazon says 4.1 Jelly Belly

    1. Which is newer?
    2. Which is better/faster/stronger?
    3. Why doesn't Amazon have the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus?
    4. If money wasn't a factor, which 7-inch Tab would you choose? Why?

    According to, Tab 2 (the amazon item) is newer. But the Tab 2 seems to have a worse front camera (0.3 megapixel vs 7.0 Plus's 2 MP)
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