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Thread: Compilation of Abbreviations

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    Compilation of Abbreviations

    Hello there,

    I just found out about the "Abbreviations game" at "The Cafe" - the thread is closed, but I thought it would be nice if someone could compile all of the abbreviations in one, big file.

    So here I start: I just copy/paste from the "Abbreviations game" thread for the time being, maybe I'll sort everything by alphabetical order. Whaddayathink?

    List of abbreviations:

    SATA - Serial advanced technology attachment

    PATA - Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment.

    DSL (The OS and not Internet) - D*** Small Linux.

    IDE (cable) - integrated drive electronics

    IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

    Modem. (It's not exactly an acronym, but it is short for something else) - Modulator-demodulator

    DVD±RW - Digital Video Disc, ReWritable.

    HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface

    PTSD - That's a disease. But what does Posttramatic Stress Disorder have to do with computers? Wait, maybe you work in tech support...

    PCMCIA - Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

    BING - many possibilities, one of them being "Bing Is Not Google"

    Mobo - Motherboard

    PEBKAC - I think a problem exists between my keyboard and chair.* (*pun intended)

    BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation

    MULTICS - Multiplexed Information and Computing Service

    POSIX - Portable Operating System Interface for UniX.

    UNIX - Uniplexed Information and Computing System

    TWAIN - Technology Without an Interesting Name

    TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol.

    MMORPG (I pronounce it as "momorpeg") - Massive(ly) Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game

    RTFM - Read The F**king Manual !

    WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

    CP/M - Control Program for Microcomputers

    ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange

    sudo - switchuser do

    HURD - Herd of unicorn-replacing donkeys

    HURD - Hird of Unix-Replacing Daemons

    HIRD - Hurd of Interfaces Represonting Depth. It is mutually recursive acronym

    PROSTALAC - Prosthesis Antibiotic-Loaded Acrylic Cement

    PowerPC - Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC – Performance Computing

    MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction

    CentOS - Community Enterprise Operating System

    LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You

    >>>>>>>>>>>>END OF LIST>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    That's all for now, folks!

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    Re: Compilation of Abbreviations

    Not a support request; moved to Cafe.


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