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Thread: Strange things happen to my desktop Ubuntu 13.04

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    Strange things happen to my desktop Ubuntu 13.04

    Hi. I am not sure if i have posted it to right place, so if no please don't judge me, i am a newbie

    i installed Ubuntu 13.04 and i am happy with it. I have two OS's in dual boot. Ubuntu and Windows 7. in Ubuntu i have 2 problems. The first one is when i suspend my system i cannot resume it again. it sometimes show me the password screen (user names and etc. (sorry i don't know the exact name of it)) and sometimes just a blank screen. what can be the problem?

    and the second one is this:Screenshot from 2013-06-25 20:16:40.jpg when i hit ALT + F2 it looks like this ( but not always. when i restart the system everything is OK till about 30-40 minutes. and then it looks like this. Please help, i really like Ubuntu but these 2 problems ruin my plans about it. Thanks

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    Re: Strange things happen to my desktop Ubuntu 13.04

    Thread moved to Absolute Beginners Section.

    As this isn't a question for 'Other OS Talk' I've moved it here, you should get more replies


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