I finally took the time to find all linux versions of software I used in windows, internet radio is still a pain, but I ditched windows all together FOREVER!

I did buy a Macbook pro 17 from my mom, but it was only because she never really used it and I could load Xubuntu on it (I have always disliked apple's operating systems). lol

Now it's strictly linux 100% of the time.

I had been playing with ubuntu for about 6 years, I just wanted to thank all these knowledgeable folks in the forums here! Yes, I am a new member here on the forums, I was merely a lurker. Had it not been for my findings poking around the forums here over the years, I couldn't have done it. So a big thanks!

2 things.

I went with Xubuntu because I was concerned about the privacy when it's coming to Unity. Hopefully Xubuntu will never have this feature at all. I even went as far as disabling logging.

Second, with all the privacy crap going on in the news and such, I no longer wanted anything to do with windows, skype, apple (Though I never used apple), Anything google, anything microsoft, anything yahoo and the list goes on.

(Puts tinfoil hat on) lol

I even went as far as setting up a decent firewall, adblock, no script and am learning more every day when it's coming to security.

Do I have anything to hide?

Absolutely not!

I just won't empower those who infring on our privacy. I understand nothing and no OS is absolutely secure, but using ubuntu and deleting accounts from all the major vendors and boycotting their websites is a first step to saying "Your business and privacy practices are unacceptable!"

Sorry, I'm rambling....