Ok heres my first guide in ubuntu. I'd never thought i'd become this proficient in linux but after enough hacking around I've learned you can get almost anything to work, like the Z600 series of lexmark printers (Also rebranded dell photo 720). So heres my first how-to in anything linux.

First you'll need the drivers from lexmark, you can find those at
Or search on lexmark for the redhat drivers.
In a terminal, untar the files you just downloaded using
tar -xvzf CJLZ600LE_CUPS_1_0_1.TAR.gz
Since its packaged for redhat, its gonna be a not so straightforeward install to get it to run on your ubuntu system. Next your picking apart the shell script and untarring the install file within
tail -n +143 z600cups-1.0-1.gz.sh > install.tar.gz
tar -xvzf install.tar.gz
Since rpms are ALMOST worthless to us in ubuntu, you need to install a program called alien to convert them to our favorite .deb packages.
sudo aptitude install alien
once alien is installed we being the converting, ignore any messages about scripts not being converted, we dont need those.
sudo alien -k z600llpddk-2.0-1.i386.rpm
sudo alien -k z600cups-1.0-1.i386.rpm
Once you have ran them through alien, you will find nice little .deb packages in the folder you downloaded everything in. First install the pddk (Printer development kit) then install the CUPS driver.
Afterwords if your in gnome, go into System>Administration>Printing and add your printer.
You will find the driver under lexmark as the z600-1.01 or something similar to that.
Congrats now you got that pesky printer running under linux!