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Thread: Gwenview does not show some JPGs

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    Gwenview does not show some JPGs

    Hello all,
    strange problem with Gwenview: I have some JPG files, always the same, which don't open in Gwenview if I double-click them in Dolphin. Gwenview just shows a gray background. But if I open the previous image in alphabetical order and go to the next one from within Gwenview, it displays fine. I checked with 'file' and IM's 'identify' and there's no difference that I can tell between the files.

    Is there some kind of cache somewhere, maybe corrupted ?

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    Re: Gwenview does not show some JPGs

    Dolphin caches thumbnails in ~/.thumbnails, but it doesn't cache whole images as far as I know.

    If I'm browsing a directory full of image files, I just open the directory itself with Gwenview and browse from there. Right-click the directory name in Dolphin and pick Open With > Gwenview. If that option isn't offered, choose "Other" and point to Gwenview. You can later make that the first option in the list by using System Settings > File Associations and choosing an image mimetype like image/jpeg.
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