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Thread: Do I need a DVD player to install?

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    Do I need a DVD player to install?

    My laptop doesn't play DVDs, and I was wondering based on some stuff I was reading about Ubuntu whether I have the option of using a CD-ROM and not a DVD as the install disk. I wasn't aware until just recently anything classified as a DVD could install anything, so I'm confused, as I didn't know there was anything possible to use besides a CD-ROM. Do I just have no idea what I'm talking about?

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    Re: Do I need a DVD player to install?

    Welcome to the forums!

    Ubuntu currently requires a single CD to install (if you choose the first version offered on the ubuntu site)
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    Re: Do I need a DVD player to install?

    caraj; Hi ! Welcome to the forum .

    If you can not use a DVD ..there are a number of options.
    Version 12.04, the current long term support version, will fit onto a CD;
    A minimal install edition of later versions will fit on a CD;
    A lighter edition of 'buntu will fit on a CD;
    You may opt to use USB to install.
    Or, there is unetbootin over the 'net to install.

    There is the option to install 12.04 and from there upgrade to later versions.

    Full fledged ubuntu having all the bells and whistles after 12.04 will only fit onto a DVD or USB drive.

    Whatever method to install, we are here in the event of need.

    hope this helps

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    Happy ubuntu'n !

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    Re: Do I need a DVD player to install?

    You can install with a usb flash drive if you have a spare one around and your computer supports booting from usb drive (most PC do except for the ridiculously old ones) you may need to change the BIOS settings or bring up the boot menu by pressing some key at boot depending on your computer. I never use CD or DVD to install Ubuntu, they are bulky and slow.

    Download an ISO and then instead of burning a CD or DVD you can use unetbootin or (assuming you currently are running Windows) to make a live usb using which you can install Ubuntu.
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