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Thread: Files created by ARK

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    Files created by ARK

    Hi everyone

    I am using Kubuntu v12.10. When trying to create a zip file using ARK, I usually just right-click on a folder in Dolphin, select "compress" and then choose "as zip archive". That is what I did this time. When I went looking for the zip file I had just created, I happened to notice a file called "" (which I didn't create or even recognize) so I clicked on it hoping to bring it up in ARK to examine it's contents. When I clicked on it however, ARK came up but there was nothing to see. After about a minute, I got a message telling me that the file had been added (added to what?...where?). What is really weird though is that the "" file completely dissapeared after it got "added" and I wasn't even able to find it using a search.

    Could someone please tell me what is going on?. Should I be suspicious?. Was it some sort of spyware?. I never download attachments and am always very careful so I have no idea what this file was, where it came from or how it got on my computer. All I know is that it was a zip file.

    Seconds after this incident, I unplugged my computer from the Internet. Should I do a complete restore or shouldn't I worry?.

    Thanks so much for your help!.
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    Re: Should I be concerned?

    Sounds like a temporary file that was created during archiving or unarchiving but not deleted because something went wrong.

    Just delete the file and carry on.
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    Re: Files created by ARK

    Thanks for the reply!. Where would it have gotten added to I'm wondering. Also, can anyone else confirm this?. I'm really nervous about plugging my PC back in at the moment. Is there somewhere on the Internet that talks about ARK creating temporary files?. Just as a side note, the file was in my home folder and not hidden (if that helps any). Thanks again.
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