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Thread: Getting linux commercial games for free

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    Getting linux commercial games for free

    No spam, no piracy.

    Wonder how many of you guys have heard about those websites who manage giveaway and free key license to be used (legally: they are giftcode and such) on online store such as Steam, Desura etc.

    Well, I was wondering if we can discuss and eventually trade some key licenses if you won a linux games somewhere (who already you may own, so you're left with a duplicate) and would trade with something else.

    Of course, preferably Linux games... :3

    Currently I have two unused license of English Country Tune (damn double click on tremorgames) which I would exchange with game I already don't own (here's my list: all them are giveaway wins or gift...I haven't spent a ¢ for them).

    Let's fight piracy and promote linux gaming at zero cost!

    I am also on galagiveaways, steamgift and gameminer (can provide invite code). If you know other website which give possibility to win commercial linux games,... share them with us! :3
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    Re: Getting linux commercial games for free

    Pssst, Organ Trail is on the Humble Bundle.
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    Re: Getting linux commercial games for free

    This sounds like a really good idea and it might be something to pursue in another venue.

    However, despite what I am sure are good and honest intentions on your part, the potential for misuse and abuse here on the Forums is too great to have this going on here.

    As much as I hate to do this, I'm closing the thread.
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