I am new to programming on Ubuntu/Linux and I am wanting to learn to make apps for both the Ubuntu desktop and phone. After I created the currency converter app, I have no idea where to go next to learn more. Years ago I learned a little vb6 when I where a windows user and I know some html. What language should I stick to learning first? I would like to create my programs using the QT creator and would like to be able to package the program and let other users download and start my app without much trouble. Can anyone give me any advice? I would like to create a simple program that will alert user when the clock/time reaches a certain time with an icon loading at the notification bar and hopefully a more complex app like a custom instant messenger with cam support and chat sorta like what Yahoo IM used to be but for ubuntu only. Maybe even do some simple android apps using QT. Any advice would help. I am trying to make a career from this.