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Thread: Best image viewer?

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    Best image viewer?

    I am looking for a new image viewer. Which one would you recommend?

    I ditched the default viewer some time ago as I noticed images didn't display in the same way as on Windows default image viewer (Ubuntu gave me a slightly grainy picture). After a lot of trial and error I settled for Mirage. Now I noticed that it removes any exif data when rotating the image! (It was filed as a bug more than 5 years ago, but the bug is still there...)

    Suggestions for an image viewer that doesn't destroy exif data and doesn't display grainy pictures? I don't need any fancy functionality, all I need is zoom in/out, rotation and navigation back/forward - just the basics.

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    Re: Best image viewer?

    Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums

    Try gthumb, gpicview or feh. Get them via a terminal window command

     sudo apt-get install gthumb gpicview feh gimp
    or from the Software Center

    The advanced editing tool is gimp.

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    Re: Best image viewer?

    Thanks, I'll give them a try.


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