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Thread: Having install problems after letting install run unattended

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    Having install problems after letting install run unattended

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post (obviously) and I hope it is not too whacky for you but here is my dilemma. I have been trying unsuccessfully to install Ubuntu Studio alongside windows 7 and having little patience to sit and watch a blue wheel spin around I decided to start the install up to the point where it offers the choices of running from disk, install and so on. Well I selected install and went to bed. Next morning it had gotten to a part where it was asking for my password and I never set one (obviously) so at first I just clicked like I wasn't going to install one but it would not move forward, it was determined for me to furnish it with this password I never configured. Well now I can't get it to go any further, attended or not!

    Is this a ridiculous question, or can I still hold my head high?

    Thanks for any help you may have, I am really liking what I have seen so far, I just want to be all installed and rolling along, as does everyone.



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    Re: Having install problems after letting install run unattended

    Just reboot the computer, and redo the installation.

    This might sound like a joke, but it is actually one way to safely shutdown and reboot your Linux OS.
    First press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+PrintScreen. Then, type the word "busier" backwards. R, E, I, S, U, B (each letter shuts something down, B reboots).

    Another way that may work, is dropping into a shell. Use Ctrl+Alt+F1
    then, type:
    shutdown -r now
    sudo shutdown -r now

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