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Thread: Dell E521 & 12.04LTS 64bit install dificulty

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    Dell E521 & 12.04LTS 64bit install dificulty

    I did successfully install the 32bit flavor(12.04LTS) but experienced random lock-ups.
    Until I installed the latest (Recommended) NVIDIA driver! I installed 32bit because that's as far into the specs I read at the time.

    Thought, that since it is a 64bit machine, installing the 64bit version would work better. (faster?) But trying to install 64bit version of 12.04LTS, the Ubuntu screen with the 5 dots just disappears to a black screen, then re-appears, then disappears again. It will do this for around 10-15 minutes. Then it switches to just the left of the screen filled with text, then to balck, then back to text. most lines say trying or attempting to stop (?something??) 1 and another line trying or attempting to stop (?something??) 2. One line says something about GPU hang/hung or crash. Hard to remember as it's only there for less than a second.
    Have a feelling it's to do with the grafix, but can't find any info to get around this.
    Dell Dimension E521
    Specs as reported by:
    OS operating: Vista Business 32bit
    Processor AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
    RAM 2.39G (2.5G installed)
    Grafics: NVIDIA GeForce 6150LE
    Should I leave well enough alone, or install the 64bit?
    With that I will need help.

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    Re: Dell E521 & 12.04LTS 64bit install dificulty

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    Re: Dell E521 & 12.04LTS 64bit install dificulty

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, I knew it wouldn't be 2X faster.
    Seeing there's no real advantage, I think I will leave well enough alone.
    Thanks again. (now, how to tag as Solved?)
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    Re: Dell E521 & 12.04LTS 64bit install dificulty

    For more about 32 versus 64 bits see the Recurring Discussions.

    I have marked the thread 'solved'. The function is still missing (but we have not forgotten about it).
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