History: New white box with AMD quad core, 8g of ram & 320g HD. It came with Win8. I used a disc with Ubuntu 12.04 on it to dual install. I have 124g partition (created by the disc) for Win8 & 187g for Ubuntu & 8g undefined (swap?). All went well as far as I could tell (newbee). Problem: I plugged a 500g USB HD & ubuntu recognized it & opened the files. I could view word files, pictures but not video clips. I didn't know about mounting/unmounting so I simply closed the files & shut the machine down normally. When I started the machine back up & turned on the USB hard drive Neither Ubuntu nor win8 will recognize it. Ubuntu says it's in hibernation mode. I also installed an internal 500g HD (sata) that's only recognized when I'm using the Ubuntu start up disc---file manager, I think. When using the disc (only) I can see the partitions (which I would like to make the Win partiton smaller but the choice it gives me is very cryptic so I didn't use it). When using Ubuntu without the disc I can't find "administer" or any of the suggestions I found in the forums. I tried command lines that I got from the forums & a book I have but most of them don't work. The few that do work print out information that's jiberish to me. I do get an "error 14". The USB HD does work in my other machine running xp & it's farmated NTFS. If you can help me I would be exstatic as I really want to go all Linux. The only reason I'm using the Win program is for my Phoenix flight sim P.S. Please let me know how to follow this thread as the instruction section leaves me gasping for air!! It took me almost two weeks to figure out how to get hear!