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Thread: Revert to Ubuntu's Grub boot

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    Revert to Ubuntu's Grub boot

    Hello all,

    I have stepped out of my Ubuntu shell and have been messing around with other Linux distros. However, whenever I install a new distro, it installs its own version of GRUB; I would like to stick with Ubuntu's, since that is the one I use the most and, since I often have to edit GRUB, it makes sense (also the GRUB configuration utility doesn't work well with Fedora or Fedora's bootloader.) Does anyone have any idea how I can set Ubuntu's grub to work by default? By the way, GRUB2 of course. Thanks,

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    Re: Revert to Ubuntu's Grub boot

    Can you boot into Ubuntu? If so run

    sudo update-grub
    and see if it detects the other operating systems. Then run

    sudo grub-install /dev/sda
    That is assuming that you only have one hard disk and Ubuntu is installed on sda. That will put Ubuntu back in control of Grub in the MBR.

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    Re: Revert to Ubuntu's Grub boot

    Thank you kindly, just what I was looking for.

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