Now, I'm using 12.04 and Wine 1.4 (showed in Wine configuration) and my questions is:

1. Application > Wine > Programs ... it showed there is Sketchup 8 and Sketchup 2013 installed.
--- When I browse C: drive, both Program Files and usr (czgirb and Public), I found no Sketchup 8. Where is it?

2. When I go to Uninstall Wine Software, in the list I see there are TWO items called Wine Gecko (32-bit) 1.4 and Wine Gecko (32-bit) 1.6
--- Why?

3. I ever installed Format Factory, and it was uninstalled (and it do not showed in Programs and Uninstall Wine Software anymore)
--- But today, when I browse C: drive, I still saw the folder ... so, I manually delete the folder.
--- I wondering WHY the folder still shown in my C: drive? Any suggestion?