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Thread: HP Spectre 14 vs. System76 Galago

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    HP Spectre 14 vs. System76 Galago

    I'm looking to purchase an ultra book to run Ubuntu and trying to decide between the HP Spectre 14 and the new System76 Galago. I have an iMac, so this is basically for travel and portable surfing. Both are basically the same price if you get a 120 GB SSD on the Galago. Here's the pros and cons as I see it; any advice is appreciated. Basically it comes down to which is more important: audio or display. I won't have enough room to load my whole lossless catalog (will be running Spotify a lot). At the same time, games aren't a big deal unless Steam starts supporting bigger titles, sooner, and more completely. Thanks in advance for the thoughts! Plus any issues you've seen affecting the Spectre's overall hardware support.

    -Faster processor (i7-4750HQ)
    -1080p screen w Iris Pro
    -Matte screen
    -Slightly Thinner (0.75") & slightly lighter (3.80 lbs)
    -Out of the box Ubuntu support

    -Less stylish, no backlit keyboard
    -Audio info unavailable
    -Shorter battery life (~4 hours)

    Spectre 14
    -Much more stylish, backlit keyboard
    -Better audio (Beats Audio - if I can get it to work)
    -Longer battery life (~4 hrs)

    -Older processor (i5-3317U)
    -Less detailed screen (1600x900)
    -A little thicker (0.79") & a little heavier (3.98 lbs)
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    Re: HP Spectre 14 vs. System76 Galago

    beats audio is overrated.

    i would go with system76
    Read the easy to understand, lots of pics Ubuntu manual.
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
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    Re: HP Spectre 14 vs. System76 Galago

    I was in a similar situation. I got the SpectreXT and installed Kubuntu on it after disabling UEFI in the BIOS. I have a writeup here but the jest of it is that Ubuntu installed perfectly with complete hardware support out of the box (or rather out of the CD). The hardware is nice with a caveat for the touchpad and the impossibility to upgrade the Bios. If you are like me, using multiple LANG keyboards, I have to look at the keyboard while I type, otherwise I'm lost, so backlit is nice in the evening.

    I'm now looking for a larger model and I'm tempted by the large 17" Bonobo of System76. If someone has a review of that...

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    Re: HP Spectre 14 vs. System76 Galago

    +1 for the Sytem76.

    The new Intel Haswell processors have superior graphics and lower power consumption than the processor in the HP.

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