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Thread: Received spam mail after registering at ubuntuforums?

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    Received spam mail after registering at ubuntuforums?


    Is it just me, or did you guys receive lots of spam mail in the time after registering at this forum?
    Never had that kind of spam mail before, but now, after i registered here, i have started to receive quite a lot of them. Like lottery spam, get our $9999 billion bank account here etc. I dident, as far as i remember, register or give away my mail address to anyone else the last period.

    If so, any idea to get of that list? :/

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    Re: Received spam mail after registering at ubuntuforums?

    Thread moved to Forum Feedback & Help.

    It's unlikely that the increase in the amount of spam you're receiving is due to your registering for this forum. Unless you choose to share the email address you used to register in one of your posts, it is hidden away out of sight of the email harvesters.
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    Re: Received spam mail after registering at ubuntuforums?

    Not I. But I never give my email addy out. You might use a 'junk' email for any forum registrations (not your main mail) and then spam won't bother you as much. Gmail is good about identifying spam.
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    Re: Received spam mail after registering at ubuntuforums?

    Other people can give out your email address without your permission. Do you have friends who forward things to everyone in their addressbook? If they do that, you never know who is going to end up with your email address. Unfortunately, I don't know an easy way of stopping them.
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