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Thread: Long range wifi adapter

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    Long range wifi adapter

    I asked earlier but wasn't specific about what I was looking for. I'm looking for a good 1W (or higher) wifi n adapter that has an antenna connected by SMA plug. I'm looking for something reliable and with long range. Also it must be able to work with a virtualbox linux and/ or vmware linux guest. dual band would be nice but is not necessary. If you know of any please leave a post and thank you.

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    Re: Long range wifi adapter

    Don't know about wifi adapters for computers, but I can completely recommend Ubiquity WiFi APs. They are surprisingly cheap for what they offer. I've seen 2 APs ($90/ea) connected to a pfSense router handle traffic for 50+ people across about an acre area. The end-user devices where not altered in any way.

    It is possible to setup 2 Ubiquity APs as a network bridge with direct, fairly long distance connections, and proprietary bandwidth between them. Of course, this config doesn't allow end-user client access to the wifi, another device (AP/router/wired ethernet) would be needed then.

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