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Thread: Bonobo extreme extremely expensive

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    Bonobo extreme extremely expensive

    Am I imagining things? I remember checking the catelogue a few months ago the Bonobo was around $1300(don't remember exactly, but around there) and now it says $1839 with a crossed out original price of $2039??(I am pretty sure that the crossed out price was less than $1500 a few months ago)

    Has it swithced to some new hardware or inflation has gone crazy where the parts came from in the last few months, or do I need to see a doctor to check my memory?
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    Re: Bonobo extreme extremely expensive

    I think I remember that $1300 price as well. I don't recall what the specs were, but neither can I find anything about them updating the Bonobo recently.

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    Re: Bonobo extreme extremely expensive

    Looks like they ran out of Nvidia 670s and are now installing 680s by default. That would definitely account for a big price spike.
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    Re: Bonobo extreme extremely expensive

    Ouch. That's a big increase. Makes me glad I got my 670 version while the getting was good. In any event I can't imagine that the extra money spent on the 680 is actually worth it for most people. The 670 is extremely performant in both Linux and Windows and has managed to easily handle everything I've thrown at it.

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    Re: Bonobo extreme extremely expensive

    It's a bit more future proof (i.e., you'll be able to play the latest AAA gaming titles for longer than if you have a 670).
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    Re: Bonobo extreme extremely expensive

    Well I paid a very substantial $2,563.68. I paid this for a laptop that suits gaming for my son (wedded to windows but hopefully when steam gets going......) comes with Linux installed with gaming apability and carries good support for Linux.
    I have a rock steady laptop that has not disappointed. Meets all gaming requirements currently & runs Linux and current Linux games nicely.
    I should also comment I have received excellent support from system76.
    Overall very positive but couple of small negatives:
    The laptop bag that comes with Extreme is not really large enough and screen has dead pixel and is going to be replaced by System 76 under warranty.

    I have only had one other high spec laptop and that was a Sony Vaio which was more expensive and had severe issues and the support from Sony was woeful.

    Overall laptop has met my expectations and I am very pleased.
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    Re: Bonobo extreme extremely expensive

    If you compare it against the an equivalent class of system like a HP EliteBook 8770w Mobile Workstation you will find that an equivalently configured Bonobo is less expensive and has more expandability.


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