Hi all,

I hope that the title say it all,..

I recently started using e17, and the only thing that bugs me is that I don't seem to get any sofware update notification messages?

I know that this is the case because if I change to LXDE or any other desktop environment I have a little note on the dock to tell me that there are updates to install.

I tried adding the software updated to the enlightenment iBar, but when I open it it needs 'sudo' priviledges, and I can't see how to tell the launcher to launcher this with sudo.

I don't mind having to launch it manually once a week to check for updates.
However as I can't open it and tell it to run as root, it doesn't ask for my sudo login, then it fails to start up as it can't access the required files, it looks in the wrong place if you run it without sudo, or so it would seem.

posible solution:

Create my own launcher that will run update manager in 'sudo', but as I say above I can't see in the 'create launcher' how to set the launch command to include sudo.

I guess I'm missing something?

Anyone got any suggestions?