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Thread: How to set default browser in xubuntu?

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    How to set default browser in xubuntu?

    There seem to be several ways to set default browser, but all of them leave
    Firefox as default browser.
    Suppose I want to use Chrome
    1) Can start Chrome and then it asks if you want to set it as default. doesn't work\
    2) preferred applications. I set it to chrome. doesn't work and in fact after awhile
    it doesn't think i have set anything.
    3)There is an icon labelled WebBrowser on the menu. One can set the default browser.
    After a while, it also "forgets" that it has been set.

    Unfortunately My FireFox is broken so this is a real pain. (haven't been able to fix firefox either
    but that is a different issue.)

    I am running xubuntu 13.04

    There have been similar posts in the past, but apparently setting the default in preferred applications
    worked for them.

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    Re: How to set default browser in xubuntu?

    What do you see when you run:
    sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser
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    Re: How to set default browser in xubuntu?

    The default browser comes into play when opening an html file when a browser is not yet open (such as a saved file).

    Here is a method of setting the default browser you did not mention you had tried, and it is the only one I found that works in Lubuntu 13.04 - I understand you are using Xubuntu 13.04 - but perhaps it will work there too:

    Right-click on an html file saved in your file system. Select "properties" then use the "Open With" list to select your desired web browser. I found this changes the default.

    Note: I can't test this in Xubuntu 13.04, since I only have Firefox installed there.

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    Re: How to set default browser in xubuntu?

    Xubuntu 12.04 here. I have launchers for both Firefox and Chrome on my bottom panel. I can select the one I want, depending on what I wish to do. Would that work for you?
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    Re: How to set default browser in xubuntu?

    what's the output of
    grep -E 'http|html|xml|chrome=' $HOME/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list


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