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Thread: been trying to use ubuntu for a few years

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    Re: been trying to use ubuntu for a few years

    What is the make and model of printer. Perhaps someone can help you with a bit more information
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    Re: been trying to use ubuntu for a few years

    I get so upset when I try to get a piece of hardware to work with linux. Sorry for the rant, but if you knew what had happened in my life the week before you'de understand my rage. As I said, I started in Ubuntu with 8.4 thus "several years" . I liked it so much, I gave up my windows formatted my computers, and went with linux on all of my PCs and laptops. By the way, I did get it to print.

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    Re: been trying to use ubuntu for a few years

    Well I have very good experience with printers. Have an epson which works out of the box, HP at work also works out of the box (whereas it doesn't work with Windows 7 after work computers upgrade from Windows xp) Went to my brother's place, plug a Ubuntu usb into his computer and printed right the way from his HP printer, he was like "WTF???? How come you don't have to install any driver??!!"

    In general I have had no issue whatsoever with random hardware like usb wireless cards and webcams that I see lying around. But if I am shopping for hardware myself I would do some research first. Some manufacturers only support Windows, but it is not Linux's fault, you should vent your frustrations at them instead.
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