So I recently bought an Asus eeePC laptop (from the seashell series, I think it's the 1015cx), and I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on it alongside the windows-7 that came with it. I installed VLC player, which works fine unless you change it to fullscreen, at which point the video stutters and doesn't stream very well.

Searching the web this seems to be a common problem, but most advice is usually related to graphics card or the sound being the problem. Another difference is that with my eeePC there were graphical problems to begin with. For starters, I couldn't install ubuntu 12.10 because it didn't support my graphics card, so I downgraded to ubuntu 12.04. Even then, I had to install some additional stuff (I think it was "lxlauncher") before being able to use the laptop properly (as in, closing the lid and being able to re-open it without the entire screen going apeshit and having to restart).

The problem is strictly with VLC, as other video players (the default 'movie player' for example) work fine with fullscreen. Why not use those instead? Because I need it to read srt files for subtitles and there are a few quirks that I like about VLC that I use on the Windows on this computer (yeah the vlc in windows works fine with fullscreen), and I'd like to keep using on Ubuntu (such as the remote-control app, and the 200% volume option and so on). So I'd really like to find a solution to make it possible, it shouldn't be too hard, right?

So far, researching the web didn't help me too much, and I tried changing the module that vlc uses but to no avail. My graphics card is Atom Processor D2xxx/N2xxx Integrated Graphics Controller. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!