I have a Samsung Series7 and cannot figure out how to fix my touchpad. I found the advice at this post, this post, and this post, and tried adjusting the numbers for PressureMotionMinZ, PalmDetect, PalmMinWidth, PalmMinZ, FingerLow and FingerHigh. But the same issues keep happening, and I think the base issue is that I'm not sure what I am trying to fix.

Here are the problems:
1) the touchpad is overly sensitive and having my palms resting on either side of it to use the keyboard leads to the mouse shooting off to the sides/corners of the screen. When I drag the mouse can be jumpy and not want to go where I want it.
2) the touchpad will not always sense my taps. I often have to tap it two or four times before it registers my touch. If I am trying to select and drag it will sometime not sense both of my fingers (click with one, move with the other). I have no idea of these two issues are related, but they both seem to involve insensitivity.

Other relative information: I installed gpointing and I wonder if it conflicts with synaptiks sometimes.

Can someone point me in the right diagnosis? And maybe which solution would work best?