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Thread: What are general rules for overloading method in java?

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    Question What are general rules for overloading method in java?

    Basically, I am trying to make methods to return a value when they are called from another method or class. I was wondering what conditions and rules I have to follow to make them work. If you want an example of what I meant, just ask me and I will update the post.

    Here is an example of what I have done. I have created two classes. In the first class, I have tried to make a method in another class to return a value with a command to output value on the console. But I get an error that says there are incompatible types. Here are two classes that I have created and I wanted to make a calculator out of that: The first class:

    class calc1
    { public static int num1; //first number variable    
    public static int num2; //Second number variable    
    public static String op; //Operatior variable    
    public static void main(String[] args) //    
    {        num1 = Integer.parseInt(args[0]);        
    num2 = Integer.parseInt(args[2]);        
    op = args[1];        
    calc3.calculate(op); //Calling method from the second class with an arugement.    

    Here is the second:

    class calc3
    {    public static int calculate(String ops)    
    switch(ops) //I believe that ops stores value from op variable in the first class.        
    { case "+": { int num = calc1.num1 + calc1.num2;                
    return (System.out.println(num));            

    Here is an error message I get after I try to compile it:

    Desktop$ javac
    ./ error: incompatible types        return (System.out.println(num));^                                
    required: int 
    found:    void
    1 error

    PS. I believe it is not overriding process, but still I would like to know about calling methods and returning value when they are called.
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