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Thread: Routing my home internet connection to Android device

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    Question Routing my home internet connection to Android device

    Hello all! I have a question that I don't know where to start with.

    I currently do not have a phone plan, but I do have a Wifi Android device called the Galaxy Player 5. At my high school there is a Wifi network that we can use to research information on, do homework, etc. However the school blocks an enormous amount of websites, even ones that are helpful for research. Websites like CNN, The Huffington Post, and Wikipedia are all blocked.

    I recently set up port forwarding/SSH tunneling on my Ubuntu 12.04 PC so I could host a game server, and I got an idea. What if I could connect to my PC at home and use it to access my home's internet connection? Kind of like how Opera Mini sends what website you want to load to Opera's servers, and then sends it back to you? Is something like this possible, or am I stuck with using a VNC connection with Firefox in fullscreen mode?
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    Re: Routing my home internet connection to Android device

    Get a phone plan, and install easytether on your android. probably not the kind of answer you want to hear really, but how would someone access their home connection when at school (if I'm reading your question correctly) well it sounds like you're a bit more techie than me so I won't be the best responder to this thread.

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    Re: Routing my home internet connection to Android device

    I'd suggest you follow unbuntu77's advice, as we won't help you bypass any restrictions put in place by your school district IT staff, as it goes against the Forum Code of Conduct that you agreed to when you created your account . Thread closed.


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