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2. You're image you have of 278GB is not complete, dd does not work well with bad sectors/faulty drives. You're missing about 40GB of data.
3. See post#10 again wrt GNU ddrescue....
Although I wouldn't consider an incomplete image necessarily a big problem IF the missing part was only bad blocks (they won't add any value anyway) or the end of the partition/drive (of course costing some files though), I would certainly +1 to GNU ddrescue after what I read about its imaging capabilities recently. In ubuntu repository, it is available as package gddrescue (sudo apt-get install gddrescue). I can't comment on the role or necessity of Lzip though, but it doesn't seem necessary (guessing by the fact that it would have been a dependency of the package otherwise).

However -
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That's disappointing news considering that when i woke up, Photorec had worked its way past the weird sector. It's completed now with about 219,219 files. There's no harm in continuing to try, having the time.
That's sounds like a very good news to me, IF it doesn't encounter another problem block like that.

As far as I could gather, gddrescue seems to be only meant for imaging a disk/partition. You'll have to run data-recovery tools like photorec anyway to recover lost files. So, given that it has made progress now, I'd suggest to let it finish its current task or at least allow it to run as long as you can. You can do the file-check on the files it has recovered so far in the parallel while it is working. So that should help deciding whether they are worth letting it continue or not (some files may be incomplete/corrupt, some should be intact).