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Thread: I no longer wish to support Microsoft by using their products

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    Re: I no longer wish to support Microsoft by using their products

    I appreciate the sentiments of all, but there really is nothing like Kontakt in Ubuntu (unless you've had the time and skill to code something like it). My advice, stick with Win for pro-level or high end audio software, especially if you have done the learning curve and are across it. I am not flaming, I speak from experience; there is no Sibelius or Pro-Tools in Ubuntu. Sure, you can cobble together a Linux studio, but if you're used to using things like Cubase, Reason, Ableton, the list goes on, then prepare for a Linux learning curve that won't get you to the same software or possibilities. Fine if you have the time and inclination.

    I am not saying I like it this way - everything should be ported to Linux! - just saying that's how it is. And don't get me wrong, there is some damn fine Linux audio software, and used at a pro-level (the audio Swiss army knife Audacity for one).

    For listening to music, Ubuntu's great, plenty of choice. For covering the same bases as something like Kontakt, I wouldn't go there. Why not dual-boot and then you can feel half emancipated (or Virtualbox).
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    Re: I no longer wish to support Microsoft by using their products

    Quote Originally Posted by Reavie818 View Post
    So I would have to reinstall Windows and my programs every time I want to use the VB?
    No, you would install VBox, then install Windows as a virtual machine, then install your music software.
    That is a once only operation, after that you are able to run Windows inside your Ubuntu installation.
    I do not know if your MIDI will work, someone else will know. Good luck.

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