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Thread: Circular Scrolling in Ubuntu Phone

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    Circular Scrolling in Ubuntu Phone


    First: What do I mean by "Circular Scrolling"?
    On the touchpad of my laptop (Acer aspire 8935G, already over 3 years in age), you can start scrolling using its right edge - nothing new here - and then continue scrolling by making circles (clockwise for scrolling down, counterclockwise...). It's something I find really useful and I have been using a lot (both in windows and linux). It is very similar to the scrolling behaviour on iPods that have a clickwheel.

    Now, how and why I would love to see this feature in Ubuntu Phone:

    • Current scrolling behaviour for an app that provides a scrollbar on my android phone (samsung galaxy S2):
      Start scrolling by moving your finger along the scroll bar (red area), move your finger to the left (blue arrow) to stop scrolling the first letter and scroll the second letter (orange area). By going through the second letter after the first letter has been chosen, you can more easiliy find what you're looking for if the list is very long.
      Problem: This type of scrolling is VERY sensitive, too sensitive (even on a large screen), so that if you're walking you'd practically need to stop to be able to locate the item you're looking for by scrolling. (which I still prefer to use a search function for which you'd have to type, if such a search feature is available)
    • Proposed scrolling behaviour:
      Initiate scrolling using the scroll bar - while still allowing the current scrolling behaviour - and by starting to move your finger in circles, continue scrolling, but now with more precision. In order to still be able to stop scrolling the first letter of the listed items and start scrolling their second letter one could for example move his(/her) finger (blue arrow) towards the center of the circle (s)he has been making (orange area). This is just a draft, maybe someone else has a better idea.
      Advantage: the sensitivity of the circular scrolling behaviour could be lower which would result in a higher accuracy.

    Now, how do I find out if such behaviour is on Canonical's to-do list, how do you find this idea (voting on the poll is appreciated, even if you don't like it!) and if you also like it, how do we put it on Canonical's to-do list?
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    Re: Circular Scrolling in Ubuntu Phone

    How about: Instead of using it for scrolling (most people would be more comfortable with the regular Android/iOS/Every-Other-Phone-Platform scrolling), use it for moving the text insertion point?

    My old phone has an optical trackball. You can use it for selecting items onscreen a bit like a mouse, but I only really use the trackball for moving the insertion point. It's hard to move the insertion point with any degree of accuracy just using your finger, because your finger is a lot bigger than the target, but if that "circular scrolling" thing was an option for moving the insertion point that would be really useful!
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    Re: Circular Scrolling in Ubuntu Phone

    not a bad idea to use like that for moving insertion point
    not much interest in these ideas I'm afraid, it's awfully quiet here..

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