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Thread: Installing Ubuntu Studio

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    Installing Ubuntu Studio

    I am new with Ubuntu. I installed 12.04 on my DELL XPS. I am a videographer and was not aware of Ubuntu Studio when I installed 12.04. Now that I am aware I would like to install it on my laptop. The question is can I install Ubuntu Studio on top of 12.04 without loosing the files I have or do I have to do a clean install.

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu Studio

    I'd probably do a fresh install, just to be sure there was no residual cruft however looks like you can upgrade from an existing Ubuntu install. Have a read here..

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu Studio

    You can just install the ubuntu-studio metapackage. It just installs some artwork and likely applications. It used to set up a low latency kernel, but I don't know if it does any more.

    Or you could just install the applications you're interested in. There's no real difference between the buntus, it's just a particular combination of packages from the repositories.
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