Hi all,
I am trying to set up a simple samba share that requires a username & password to open the share.

On the Ubuntu box I create a folder (in the home folder) - for example named "sharedocs." I open nautilus, goto the share tab - share it as sharedocs and check the "allow others to create and delete files in this folder." The server name is testbox. The username that logged onto the ubuntu box and created the share is tester.

On the win7 box I go to \\testbox\sharedocs - it prompts for a logon - I put in testbox\tester and the password. Nothing happens.

If I go back to the ubuntu box and check the "guest access (for people without a user account)" - I can then browse to the share and it immediately opens fine (but no security -no asking for a password). So the network is fine - just no password for the share.

Any idea on what I am doing wrong?