Hi, I wanted to let you know how I've solved with the error/usr/lib/cups/filter/gstoraster failed. First I followed the advise from someone at the forum about deleting all items that had to do with cups - except those who were having other names in their sentence, like Ghostscript and Gutenprint. At the SAME time as I was marking the deleting items I marked the items which were having the names Ghostscript and Gutenprint to install or to re-install them. This was all in the Synaptic Package manager of my computersystem. After that I went to the website of canon.europe and downloaded the printer driver and the printer driver source for Linux. Once on my computer I picked out the items in 'Archive management' and then I opened the map 'cnijfilter-mp280series-3.40-1-deb and took the 4th option: 1.386 which I double clicked; the Ubuntu softwarecentre on my computer opened itselves and I could install the 'Canon printer driver for Linux'. After this process my printer worked finally again! I tried the same at the scanner driver, but that isn't working... I hope more of you are helped with my advise!