Hi. I installed Ubuntu 13.04 and then xubuntu-desktop on ASUS 1225B. After that during the boot and shutdown it will use xubuntu, and in login screen it will use ubuntu login screen with the xubuntu blue background. Then I changed the plymouth to ubuntu. During boot and shutdown it displays normal ubuntu. What's interesting and intriguing after that is, in the login screen, it use the ubuntu login screen, with the normal 'purple and orange (?)' background then it transient/change smoothly into the blue xubuntu blue background. So I was wondering whether this was normal or not? Or can it be reproduced on other installation.

Other notes is that, after login, the screen turns black for around 2 seconds before displaying Unity, which does not happen before I install the xubuntu-desktop package. In login screen, when I boot with an external monitor with higher resolution, the same thing happen, but on the external monitor, a portion of the login screen (equivalent to the laptop screen resolution) is the blue xubuntu background and the rest (like an 'L' shape) appears ubuntu background. I'm not trying to change to xubuntu permanently, just swithching between the two whenever I wish to.