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Thread: Ubuntu 13.04 server wireless card help

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    Ubuntu 13.04 server wireless card help

    I have sucessfully installed the ubuntu 13.04 server and the 12.04 LTS precise desktop in dualboot. The laptop does have a wireless card already in, and ubuntu precise the wireless works. But in the server, the wireless card isn't found and I can only connect through ethernet cable
    when I go to view the hardware there isn't even a wlan0
    I've tried unblocking through rfkill but it wasn't soft blocked, the wireless isn't even there
    lshw -c network doesn't display my wireless, it doesn't display anything in fact-- when in sudo
    any help would be very appreciated

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    Re: Ubuntu 13.04 server wireless card help


    Please see my thread here:
    and supply us with more information.

    It would be helpful including the ouputs from both systems (the one where the card IS working, and then the one where it is NOT working).

    From there we can start figuring out why it is not working, possibly a driver issue, so also include "lsmod".

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